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Web conference: Italia e Canada, Visioni per l’Artico

Web conference: Italia e Canada, Visioni per l’Artico

Centro Studi Italia Canada is sponsoring the opening panel of the I edition of the Osservatorio Artico Festival: Italia Chiama Artico

Web Conference


January 14, 2021 | 15 pm

As part of the Festival "Italia chiama Artico" di Osservatorio Artico

English language



Thanks to the close partnership with Osservatorio Artico, we are pleased to announce the first official commitment of the Centro Studi Italia Canada in 2021: the organization of a Web Conference as part of the Osservatorio Artico Festival: “Italia Chiama Artico”.


Thanks to Osservatorio Artico for promoting this initiative entirely dedicated to the Arctic, the many actors of the geopolitical chessboard, and to the complex analysis of this context.


We are very pleased to be involved with this event and to renew our commitment to support research and discussion on the Arctic, a strategic area which Centro Studi Italia Canada has been focusing on since its first publications.



In addition to the director of the Centro Studi Italia Canada, Paolo Quattrocchi, partner of Nctm Studio Legale, and Laura Borzi, analyst of the CSIC with a focus on the Arctic and the Canada's foreign policy agenda, we are honoured that a panel of institutional speakers and experts answered our call to join the conversation:


Ambassador Alexandra Bugailiskis, Canadian Embassy in Italy
Government of Canada Representative
Ambassador Claudio Taffuri,
 Embassy of Italy in Ottawa, Canada
Francesco Norante, President, LEONARDO Canada
Paolo Quattrocchi, Director, Centro Studi Italia-Canada
Laura Borzi, Analyst, Centro Studi Italia-Canada

Moderator of the panel: Leonardo Parigi, founder Osservatorio Artico


It will be possible to follow the Web Conference on Osservatorio Artico's social media:

Facebook page
LinkedIn page
Youtube channel

and on the social media of Centro Studi Italia Canada:

Facebook page
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