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Open Day "Canada and CETA: a new perspective"

Open Day "Canada and CETA: a new perspective"



Nctm Law Firm and Centro Studi Italia-Canada will take part in the open day organized by LUISS School of Law. A "Food Law" Master's module to deepen the topic Canada-CETA and the new perspectives opening up for the specific sector at the end of the provisional entry into force of the Agreement.





Paolo Quattrocchi, Partner - Nctm Studio Legale, Director - “Centro Studi Italia-Canada” Vice-President - Chamber of Commerce - Canada West


Country Presentation

Lionella Bertazzon, Trade Commissioner – Embassy of Canada


A special focus on Québec

Marianna Simeone, Delegate of Québec in Italy


The SPA and the CETA: a new chapter in EU-Canada relations

Paolo Quattrocchi, Partner - Nctm Studio Legale


Canadian Experience with Agriculture and Agri-Food Trade

Jennifer Fellows, Agriculture Counsellor - Embassy of Canada


CETA and the new food safety legislation in Canada

Noemi Trombetti, Managing Director - “Euroservizi Impresa (ESI)”


CETA, Geographical Indications and new scenarios for Intellectual Property

Luca Guidobaldi, Nctm Studio Legale


Logistics and Customs

Marco Dell’Arciprete, JAS Jet Air Service - Italia


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