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The role of digital innovation in the new economy in Canada and worldwide. Interview with Pietro Breviglieri, Partner Relations Manager at Motiv

The role of digital innovation in the new economy in Canada and worldwide. Interview with Pietro Breviglieri, Partner Relations Manager at Motiv

by Giulio Galleri

Digital innovation is the cornerstone of new value creation in today's economy, enabling businesses to adapt, compete, and thrive.

COVID-19 acted as a catalyst, accelerating the adoption of digital technologies. This global crisis underscored the indispensability of digital innovation for economic resilience, agility, and value generation.

As we move forward, the lessons of the pandemic will continue to shape the trajectory of digital innovation and its pivotal role in shaping the future economy.

We met with Pietro Breviglieri, an Italian manager and entrepreneur at Motiv, who has been working in the with cutting-edge technologies in Canada to build a better world.

Who are you? Please tell us more about yourself.

I am Pietro Breviglieri from Quistello, Mantova. I have always loved travelling and exploring different Countries. In 2015, I arrived in Calgary, Canada, to pursue my undergraduate studies in economics and business at the University of Calgary. Today, I hold the position of Partner Relations Manager at Motiv, a digital innovation and venture studio firm based out of Calgary, Alberta.

Why Canada?

I initially came to Canada in 2012, and ever since, there has been a spark within me to return. I have always felt welcomed in Canada, a young country brimming with opportunities. What I truly love about Canada is its diversity. I firmly believe that diversity is a driving force for the economy, as bringing together various cultures and people creates boundless possibilities.

Tell me about the business and how you got involved.

During an entrepreneurship class under Professor Mohammad Kehynai, I met Mariya Besedina, who was starting Motiv at the time. Interestingly, Professor Kehyani is now a key ally within Motiv's network, serving as an academic reference and contributing to Motiv's research and development.

What are the main activities and projects that Motiv has undertaken?

Motiv is a digital innovation firm specializing in venture building. Our mission is to create a better world by harnessing cutting-edge technologies. Our innovation projects assist organizations in realizing their visions, whether by launching new products and services, enhancing customer experiences, or improving their business processes. Motiv's team drives significant change through innovative business models, data-driven strategies, and cutting-edge technologies, generating new value for organizations and the world in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

That sounds very promising. What are the latest successes at Motiv?

In the past year, we received the prestigious German Design Award, and we also secured a Webby Award (referred to as the "Nobel Prize of Digital") for our client, Radicle, which was later acquired by BMO.

What is Motiv's commitment to creating a better world through digital innovation?

Motiv is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, data-driven strategies, and innovative business models to create a better world in our ever-evolving digital landscape. An excellent illustration of this is our collaboration with Establishment Labs (NASDAQ: ESTA), a global women's health company devoted to developing science-based, user-centric solutions. Establishment Labs' primary goal was to revolutionize the industry as the first direct-to-consumer (DTC) breast implant manufacturer. They aimed to engage users, build a community prioritizing women's health, and maintain strong relationships with surgeons to support their practices.

Our approach spanned the entire product development process, from validating the business model to conceptualization, design, prototyping, development, launch, and promotion, all in line with the Digital Innovation Model. The resulting web platform, My Motiva®, offered a wide range of functionalities and integrations, including SAP Marketing Cloud integration and automation. My Motiva® serves as a digital platform hosting various digital experiences designed to engage and nurture Motiva®'s followers, customers, and healthcare professionals. These experiences cover each stage of the user journey for different segments, providing services like breast health coaching, personalized implant matching, warranty management, and tools for surgeons

Please tell us more about this project...

This project led to several outcomes, including:

  • Industry Shift: They facilitated a shift from a B2B2C model to a more direct B2C2B approach.
  • Integrated Offerings: They introduced new integrated offerings for both patients and healthcare professionals, enhancing the value provided to all stakeholders.
  • Market Valuation Increase: The market value increased more than fivefold, showcasing the success and impact of their digital innovations.
  • Global Reach: Motiv reached over 12 million users in just 12 months, demonstrating the platform's broad adoption and global appeal.
  • International Expansion: The platform was successfully rolled out in over 30 countries, supporting eight different languages, further extending its reach and impact on a global scale.

Motiv's dedication to digital innovation, exemplified by our work with Establishment Labs, underscores our commitment to using technology to drive meaningful change, create new value, and positively impact industries and communities in the digital age.

What new projects or initiatives is Motiv currently involved in?

In terms of new initiatives, we recently introduced a new offering called Forward, a growth-as-a-service solution. We've noticed a notable opportunity for startups looking to elevate their business to the next level. Nurturing the growth of a business can be quite demanding, and we've observed areas for improvement within these organizations, mainly stemming from limited resources, systems, processes, and staffing.

As a response, we leveraged our experiences working with clients, as well as our systems and processes, to create a multidisciplinary offering. We understand that growth is a puzzle with different pieces, and each client requires a customized approach. Therefore, Forward equips businesses with scalable growth strategies tailored to each client by augmenting the client's team with experts across 45+ specialties, delivering innovative growth systems to drive the client's success through Strategy, Product, Design, Marketing, Business Development, and Customer Success.

What is Motiv's role and commitment to the Canadian research and development
system, including its collaborations with universities, innovation centers, and Canadian

Motiv collaborates closely with academia and key players in the ecosystem, such as governments, investors, and founders. Our extensive network is essential to Motiv, as we play a facilitating role by making introductions, opening doors, and connecting the dots. We recognize that business relies heavily on relationships, and we go above and beyond to fulfill our commitments to various parties.

Have you ever engaged with Italian companies?

We maintain ongoing conversations and partnerships in Italy, which provide an excellent source of collaborations and opportunities. As an innovation firm, we must keep a close eye on the market and establish partnerships in various countries and industries to stay updated on market trends. 

On a personal level, knowing the language facilitates many introductions, and global connectivity opens doors for numerous collaborations. I am certain that I will eventually go back to Italy, and who knows, maybe one day I’ll be opening a Motiv chapter there.

Future Plans?

Motiv is ambitious and brimming with energy. We are in the process of structuring a venture studio and fund to build, launch, and scale new ventures. We have numerous ventures and offerings in the pipeline for the future. Please follow us on LinkedIn, and do not hesitate to reach out. We love connecting with different players and offering assistance wherever we can.

On a personal level, I've always seen myself as an entrepreneur. I believe my work is valued at Motiv because I have an intrapreneurial mentality, constantly innovating and fostering new forms of value. This means that I am confident in my ability to start my own business, even though the statistics may not be in my favor. I understand the challenges that come with entrepreneurship as I work side by side with many founders. That said, I keep my eyes and ears open for new opportunities, but my primary goal is to become a great leader and businessman at Motiv first. This will increase my chances of success and enable me to make a significant difference.


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